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    TLLC's Charity Car Show

    Waterford Town Park

    8422 Jensen Parkway, Waterford, WI 53185


    REV UP Night with Dan Leipen

    Saturday August 26th - 6pm-9pm


    Car Show ALL DAY!

    Sunday August 27th - 8am-4pm

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  • Charity Car Show

    The Tichigan Lake Lions Club car show is one of the LARGEST car shows around southeastern Wisconsin and has been running strong since 2005. We’ve seen over 10,000 cars throughout the existence and are looking to top over 1,500 cars this year. Although car shows are amazing in their own respect, this car show is a little different; yes, we’ll have dash plaques, trophies and an engine raffle, but that’s not WHY we do our car show. We go through the effort and put in a massive amount of hours to raise money for a local family that has or is going through a hardship. Our focus is on children, so each year we find a local child and their family who needs some help. Money raised from the ENGINE RAFFLE goes directly to that family to offset medical bills and rally our local community to support one another. Some of the funds also support the Lions Camp in Rosholt, WI.


    The Families

    The Top Hats choose the beneficiaries of the Engine Raffle in November after receiving applications. In 2023 the club has decided on TWO FAMILIES!

    Engine Raffle

    The Engine is purchased and partnerships are secured to bring the engine in at a ZERO cost allowing 100% of raffle ticket sales to go directly to our beneficiaries!


    Solidifying partnerships is such an integral aspect of the show. More partners allow  the proceeds from the event to benefit other local organizations.

    The BIG Show

    The energy of 100+ members of the Tichigan Lake Lions comes to life the last weekend of August for Wisconsin's largest FREE one day car show! See you there!
  • Our 2023 Families

    2o23 marks the FIRST year the Tichigan Lake Lions have taken on TWO families. The previous 17 Car Shows had one beneficiary and we believe as a club we can make an impact on these two families. Here are their stories.

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    Kinsey has Chronic Granulomatous Disease or (CGD) is very rare and life threatening. About 20 people born with CGD each year. The basics are that CGD does not allow the immune system to work properly. Common bacterial & fungal infections can be life threatening. Such infections are common and impact multiple body systems such as the skin, liver, stomach, intestines, brain and eyes.

    Treatment for CGD is rigorous and options are limited, given the disease path. Kinsey's medical team & family decided her best course will be to have a bone marrow transplant. This treatment is the same type of treatment when you have a blood cancer. The goal of a bone marrow transplant is to kill the abnormal cells that exist and "reboot" the system with new cells received from a donor who is a match, Kinsey's sister happens to be a match. In order to do this Kinsey must undergo treatment with drugs that have many side effects and not without risk. There is not a large amount of data simply due to how rare the disease is which means there are many unknowns. Please help support this family through both prayer and contributing in some way to the Car Show.

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    Garnet was born June 25th, 2022, 6 weeks early during a traumatic delivery that resulted in a C-section and him being taken directly to the NICU. From the start and weighing in at only 4lbs 5oz he was in for the fight of his life. His mother also had a trying time for the 72 hours following his birth. Taylor had to go through multiple surgeries, separation from her boyfriend and of course separation from her brand new baby boy. For the next weeks and months through the first year, this young family has been through a lot!

    As the months go by, we continue to get more information about Garnet, but unfortunately the list of conditions has grown. Mixed Tone Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, Dystonia, and Cortical Visual Impairment have been added recently. Garnet only has brain function in 48% and doctors don’t know yet what his intelligence level will be. Continue to pray for Garnet’s development, his family and their spirits.

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    Buy an ENGINE RAFFLE ticket

    This year's engine is a beefy 500+HP 383 Stoker EFI engine or $3,000 cash prize! If the CASH prize is chosen, then we'll have a LIVE AUCTION for the engine! This happened in 2022 and the engine was snatched up for $7,500!


    All the money going back to our Families!